Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nuthin' but a 'G' thang...actually 5 of them

1. Getting above tree-line

Sisters on summits

Annie enjoying the top of Mt. Lafayette! Almost like being out west

Adventure crew all smiles today

Vermont has a distinctive charm to it with small towns dotting a rolling green landscape. But its hard to beat the tall, craggily, exposed peaks of the West. Annie Pokorny also has roots in the West so on Sunday we jumped in the car, picked up my sister Natalie in Hanover and headed for Franconia Ridge in central New Hampshire. Nothing like some open skies and sunshine to refresh you after a few big weeks of training!
Nati with an impressive summit to the ridge after finishing her first marathon last weekend and a mud run the day before.

2. Girls with gumption

Gumption (noun): courage and confidence

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of joining the Flood Brook School Girls on the Run (GOTR) program along with almost 1,000 other girls in Rutland, VT to complete a 5km running event, the culmination of the GOTR spring program. This year, every single Flood Brook School girl completed the 5km run. The girls encouraged each other the whole way, saying "we can do this," "let's go!" and "we are gonna finish this." Even after falling and suffering some scrapes and bruises, one of the girls refused to give up and continued around the course, completing her first 5km ever. Their belief in themselves and each other is nothing short of inspiring and I learn more from them every day than I could ever hope to teach them as a GOTR coach. Thanks to the whole Flood Brook School GOTR crew for welcoming me into the program!

So psyched for these awesome girls!

Running buddies

Lily finishing her first 5km!!!

Friends helping friends...also mustaches were very popular at the event

3. Goats and greens

Its officially summer here in Vermont!
Visiting the goats at the Dutton Farm stand

So much green!

Annie leading a road bike ride through the eastern tunnels of green

4. The training grind 

We have had quite a few wet, rainy roller-ski session so far this spring. Nothing like some mud in your mouth to make you feel tough
Training is in full swing and Annie and I have been putting in the hours with a few bigger weeks while some of our teammates are in Bend for some on-snow time. I have loved being in one place this spring, something that hasn't happened for more than few weeks since last summer. Annie and I fondly refer to this time as our "honeymoon" and we have been getting into good rhythm with focused ski sessions and some hard lifting in the gym. The rest of the team returns this week though and although the honeymoon is over, I am excited to have a bigger group around as we head into the summer!
Rosie B joined us for some training this week! The rain turned to heat and humidity so we decided to cool off in the river after a good double pole interval sesh

5. And grown-up breakfast

Last week Annie and I ventured from our every-day oatmeal and really went crazy trying to have a different thing for breakfast for 7 consecutive days. Oatmeal with all the fixings (peanut butter, granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, honey if you are feeling crazy) may still be my favorite, but I can confidently say that the bagel breakfast sandwich may be making a more regular appearance in my morning routine.

Day 1: Something safe and familiar to start it off...granola, yogurt, fruit and peanut butter toast

Day 2: Yesterday was just too much change too fast, had to go back to oatmeal on day 2

Day 3: I've exhausted the easy options so I was forced to really switch it up. I was happily surprised to find how much I like the breakfast bagel sandwich (I mean, can you really go wrong with bacon, eggs and cheese) and I think it may actually be a better pre-workout meal than oatmeal....maybe

Day 4: Feeling a bit more adventurous after yesterday's success so really went for it with some Earth Sky Time Farm whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread french toast topped with berries and yogurt and Vermont maple syrup....lots of it

Day 5: Needed something quick so went for creamy buckwheat with bananas, blueberries, slivered almonds, yogurt and honey.

Day 6: By day 6 it was time for some fried eggs on toast. Made it euro style with some jam and cheese.

Day 7: Last day! I went for pancakes, more specifically banana pancakes. Still haven't figured out how to make Andy's secret recipe perfect pancakes but with enough syrup these still tasted pretty good. Plus it was finally nice enough to eat outside! Happy breakfasting :)

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  1. Ah so glad cooking is still a big part of your life! And your blog posts ... haha